Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions

The world needs new sources of clean energy due to relentless global population growth, increasing per-capita uses of energy for development, and the numerous and evident effects of climate change. One potential new source might do for energy what cell phones did for communications. Low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), also known as cold fusion, represent a controversial field first reported in 1989 by Fleischmann and Pons.

Over one-third of a century of global research has shown that LENR are real and practically promising, thus drawing significant interest and over the past 30+ years. However, despite substantial efforts, the mechanisms and outputs of LENR remain poorly understood and hotly debated. Moreover, the literature on LENR is scattered and disorganized - hence seeking consolidation. Adding to our projects that aim to support the LENR community, we present a Question Answering chatbot built upon the plethora of research work, articles and more in the field.

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Notable Events

  • ANS Annual Conference (ANS-25).
    Las Vegas, NV, US 16-19 June 2024 Visit
  • International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF-25).
    Szczecin, Poland 27-31 August 2023 Visit

If it had been anything else, we would have said, 'People don't want us to do it. Forget it. Let's just leave it alone.' But this is not in that category. This is interesting science. New science. With a hint of a possibility of a very useful technology. Therefore, if you've got any integrity, you don't give up. You only give up if you find you are wrong. But as long as you believe that you are right, you have to continue. And you have to take the consequences.